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Mundo Velero is specialized in all types of Nautical Management , both those related to the boats and those necessary for the crew.

We ensure that you can enjoy your boat without complications, and we offer a high-quality and maximum agility management service.

For more information, contact our management team:

+34 613 740 148


Procedures for Boats

  • Change of Ownership, including property transfer tax payment

  • Change of Registrar data (name, list, port...)

  • Flagging & Registration

  • Navigation Permit Renewal

  • Any other procedure that you may require


Nautical Degree Procedures

  • Nautical Degree Application/Renewal

    • PNB

    • Recreational Boat Skipper (PER)

    • Yacht Skipper

    • Yacht Captain


Date Tracking & Follow Up

​Free tracking of expiration dates and important dates for your vessel. We will notify you when any due date is approaching and advise you on how to renew said element.

This ensures that everything is in order so you can sail safely and legally without worries or complications.​

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