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From. 2020, Mundo Velero teaches the "Introduction to Sailing" courses and theoretical training for the different nautical qualifications at the Club Náutico Marítimo de Benalmádena .

The "Initiation to Sailing" course has been tested, by hundreds of students, as a perfect first approach to the world of sailing, learning in fundamental concepts of this activity in just 4 days, with the possibility of perfecting technique as more courses.

Our PNB, PER and Yacht Skipper courses were created with a triple purpose: the first and fundamental one, to assist the student in obtaining their degree ; but we also aspire to turn them into good sailers with an understanding of security that that goes beyond the basic requirements of the degree.

Both the “Initiation to Sailing” and “Nautical Degree” courses are booked through the official website of the Benalmádena Maritime Yacht Club .


Nautical Degrees

  • Everything you need to obtain your degree.

    • Complete PNB, PER and Yacht Skipper course.

    • Mandatory practices.

    • Optional practices.

  • Processing, issuance and renewal of titles.

Bow for sailboat

Sailing Course

  • Introduction to Sailing, 4 Day Course: 

    • Saturdays & Sundays from 11:00 to a 14:00

    • 12 hours of practical sailing with instructor. 

    • Sailboat with cabin, Araez 22.

    • Taught at the Club Náutico M. de Benalmádena.

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